Polish EU Project

Contract Value: £6M combined valuePoland

This 14 month project was commissioned by the EU to raise infrastructure standards in a pre EEC Membership Poland. This undertaking extended to all reaches of the Country and involved widespread travelling and meetings, from site visits with Polish Contractors, to visits with Mayors and Government Representatives up to Ministry level.

Presentations were made to the EU delegates regarding ongoing plans and the strategy for development.

Typically projects involved putting sewer systems into small towns and villages that had no proper system, adding sewerage and sewer farms into areas that had none, and providing road ways and some tourist infrastructure into emerging tourist areas.

The project was aided by the necessary luxury of an interpreter and typically involved driving in excess of 1000km a week to all corners of the country and gaining an understanding of the economic problems these areas were facing.

At the end of the project a visible difference had been made to numerous underdeveloped places whilst ensuring that the finances had been suitably used to support Poland's propulsion towards full membership of the EEC.