In addition to managing building projects, Project Management Services also offers the following services to the building industry.

Construction Advice

To clients new to the construction industry, or moving onto larger projects it can be invaluable to seek independent professional advice in order to turn your ideas into a workable concept. There is no need to be out in the cold on this matter as we can assist you.

Sometimes established projects can lose their way, and to seek a second opinion and assistance in re-directing the project is often necessary.

The Party Wall Act 1996

This Act regulates the relationship between neighbouring owners when specific construction works are carried out on or near the boundary.

We can advise you on your responsibilities and procedures required to carry out construction projects adjacent to a neighbours boundary without any unnecessary delay or dispute. We will serve notices, carry out schedules of dilapidations and appoint for you, or be appointed as Party Wall Act Surveyors.

CDM Co-ordinator / Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007

The law requires that in any large industrial or commercial construction project a Planning Supervisor is appointed to ensure that the Health and Safety elements of design, construction and future maintenance are fulfilled. We have a great deal of experience in this area and can provide a cost effective service, managing Health & Safety in Construction.

Conditions Surveys

Quantity surveying for schemes of under £500k - Survey of individual building and estates.

For a variety of reasons, it is necessary to establish the condition of properties. We are experienced in providing quick reports to enable owners to establish current conditions and areas of concern. These reports will be specific to your particular requirements.


Project Management Services are pleased to have been involved in domestic projects including ground source heating, Photo Voltaic Panels, Solar Thermal and Grey Water. We have also been involved in community projects with Photo Voltaics and Composting.